30 Fun Facts, Sites & Events in Switzerland

Curious about this beautiful land? Switzerland is packed full of interesting places, events and culture. Here are 30 of our favorite tidbits…

1. 208 Mountains

Switzerland is a mountainous country with unmatched sceneries, which makes it a good choice for hiking.

2. It’s a Chocolate Country

Swiss chocolate is an internationally recognized brand. The country makes about 180,000 tons of chocolate annually. Besides, you can enjoy a chocolate train ride!

3. Longest Tunnel in the World

If you’re a fan of road trips and other man-made wonders of the world, you should try driving through Gotthard Tunnel – the longest in the world. It measures 57 km.

4. World’s Longest Staircase

The Niesen Railway represents the world’s longest staircase measuring 5,476 ft. and comprising 11,674 steps. It’s opened once a year for the public to enjoy a ride.

5. Hot-Air Balloon Festival

If you’re looking for an amazingly positive vibe to open your year, each January, there is a nine-day-long hot-air balloon held at Cháteau-d’Oex, Vaud Alps.

6. Has World’s Tallest Gravity Dam

For people fascinated with engineering works, here is something you shouldn’t miss. Switzerland has the largest gravity dam – The Grande Dixence, which is 285 m in height and has a water capacity of 400 billion liters.

7. Largest World Machine

Switzerland prides itself as home to CERN, the world’s largest machine. Amazingly, some parts of this machine spill over to France.

8. Great in Maths and Science

Swiss people are known for science and maths expertise. The country has produced some of the best mathematicians and scientists globally, like the German-born Albert Einstein, who resided in Bern.

9. Has Four Official Languages

It’s unlikely that you’ll experience any language barrier in Switzerland. The people are multilingual. The country has four official languages: Romansh, French, German, and Italian. Besides, English is also broadly spoken among young Swiss.

10. Amazing Animal Rights

Well, it may sound funny but in Switzerland, keeping one pet for most animals is illegal. That’s because the animal could get lonely. Isn’t that cute!

11. It has Some of the Best Liveable Cities in the World

If you are eager to enjoy the necessities of life, then Switzerland is a choice to consider. The country has two cities among the top ten liveable cities in the world – Zurich, and Geneva.

12. Neutral Society

Swiss people are among the most peaceful globally and don’t like aligning with either side in conflicts, which makes them the best for conflict resolution.

13. High Gun Ownership and Low Crime

While most countries struggle with high gun ownership and crime, Switzerland is different. Swiss own guns, but peace-loving people don’t engage in crime.

14. Home to 7,000 Lakes

Imagine one of the smallest countries having one of the highest numbers of lakes globally. Switzerland’s lakes make it one of the best sceneries to watch.

15. Rosti, Valaissane-Style

Well, if not for the sceneries, you can enjoy the numerous Swiss delicacies such as Rosti Valaisanne-Style. This traditional delicacy is considered best for breakfast.

16. White Turf St. Moriz

White Turf St. Moriz is an international horse racing event held on the three Sundays of February since 1907. This unique and exciting horse racing event includes live music, thrilling art exhibitions, and gourmet catering. It is held in the stunning snow-capped St. Moritz Mountains and attracts approximately 30,000 fans.

17. Lucerne Festival

The carnivore features the world’s best orchestras, virtuoso soloists, and legendary conductors. This celebrated music festival is held at Lake Lucerne, Switzerland.

18. Montreux Jazz Festival

The event has earned the title of Evolving Festival. It is the second largest Jazz festival globally and is held at the start of July every year on the shoreline of Lake Geneva.

19. Weltklasse Zürich

The sports event is a fantastic amalgamation of traditions and innovations. It has been considered one of the most prestigious gatherings for athletics globally.

20. Ski World Cup Wengen

The event presents the longest ski race in the world and features the beautiful Jungfrau, Eiger, and Mönch mountains. It takes place mid-January every year and is live covered by the media.

21. Cattle Descent

The animal decorating event for a grand entry to the plains after a period of Alpine pastures is astonishing. The Désalpe de Charmey event, which happens in late September, is a fantastic sight across Switzerland.

22. Sechseläuten

Sechseläuten is a spring holiday traditionally celebrated on the 3rd Monday of April, marking the beginning of spring. Celebrations in Zürich, where it has always been held, began in the early 20th century.

23. Basel Festival

The carnivore is a unique cultural event that showcases creative energies within the City of Basel for three days. It is recognized as a UNESCO heritage event and attracts up to 20,000 people.

24. Lauterbrunnen

It is a small beautiful village situated in the impressive valleys of the Swiss Alps. Surrounded by dramatic rocky cliffs, the town is a must-visit scenery. You also enjoy Staubbach Falls, famous for their 300 meters height.

25. Interlaken

The resort town is stunningly sandwiched between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. Besides, it has some of the most charming flower gardens and sceneries. It’s excellent for abseiling, kayaking, and hiking.

26. Bern

Well, the Swiss capital is a fantastic place to visit. It’s known for its medieval architecture and is listed as a UNESCO heritage site.

27. The Matterhorn

Although Switzerland is a mountainous country, The Matterhorn is among the best iconic landscape symbols.

28. Swiss National Park

The bioreserve is listed as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Besides that, the stunning Alpine scenery is a magnet for tourists worldwide.

29. Appenzell

This mountainous town is among the most charming places to visit in Switzerland. The sceneries are great and Swiss culture is much alive.

30. The Rhine Falls

These breathtaking falls are not something you should miss! The fantastic waterfalls spread a distance of 150 meters and a height of 23 meters.

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