Make 2023 a blast for your kids when they celebrate their birthdays with family and friends.


If you’re planning a bash for your son or daughter but are at a loss for party-theme ideas, try any one on this list:



#1- The Little Mermaid


Seabound adventuring is always a good choice. But now seems to be the best time to consider a refreshing underwater setting, what with the late-May release of The Little Mermaid fantasy film.


To create a splash, serve ocean-y snacks such as partially peeled oranges formed like octopuses, half-opened cookie cream sandwiches decorated like oysters with pearls, and blue-green jelly topped with gummy sea creatures.

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#2- Spider-Man


If your child wishes for an action-packed birthday, bring the friendly neighborhood superhero in! The theme, which coincides with the early-June release of the film Spider-Man: Across the Universe, is perfect for kids who are big on fighting villains to protect others.


Ideas for your child’s special day include invites and balloons with vivid red, blue, and yellow elements to reflect the might and main of the Marvel Comics star.

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#3- PAW Patrol


PAW Patrol is on a roll…again!


The worldwide success of the 2021 PAW Patrol: The Movie has warranted a sequel, PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie, showing this October. And as kids anticipate the follow-up film’s release, they’re expected to dream up a birthday celebration centered on canine heroes.


Some ideas for the merrymaking are PAW Patrol party hats and loot boxes for everyone, movie-based toys as game prizes, and puppy balloons that symbolize the barking greatness of the film’s lead characters.

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#4- Minions


The Minions are actually more a fixture than a fad on the list of choices for kiddie party themes. All the same, these pill-shaped creatures remain popular, especially after the box-office success of last year’s Minions: The Rise of Gru movie.


For 2023, though, you can give it an entirely new look for your child’s upcoming bash.


A few ideas for the revelry: yellow-and-blue buntings to reflect the colors of the characters and their overalls, paper eyeglasses à la the spectacles they wear, and banana snacks that will go well with the Minions’ horribly hilarious “Banana Song.”


For the backdrop, get one that shows an idyllic local landscape because—if the children don’t know this already—the Minions are born-and-bred Swiss!

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#5- Harry Potter


Although more a tradition than a trend, the Harry Potter theme is something you and your birthday boy or birthday girl can put a fresh spin on. Think Golden Snitch cupcakes, “Wingardium Leviosa” licorice wands, Sorting Hat-making kits, and other items that draw on magical elements in the Harry Potter book series and movie franchise.


To level up the celebration, transform a corner of the room into some sort of Platform 9¾ and give it a Hogwarts Express vibe. Then deck up like Professor Rubeus Hagrid (or ask another adult to do this), with his Wizarding pets in tow, so the children can join this cool dude in souvenir photos.

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#6- Disney Princess


Always in fashion, Disney Princesses make for a good choice of birthday theme. It’s the young girls who usually take their favorite as their muse on their special day, but this isn’t to say that boys can’t take part in the festivities. Each princess usually has a companion after all.


Some ideas for the occasion are: pink and purple décor, including the plates and cups; guest tags and sticker sheets featuring their favorites plus music picked from their respective movies, to which the children can sing and dance with gusto.

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#7- Personalization/Custom-Made


Taking a detour from the trend is itself a trend, and being delightfully unique seems to be the “in” thing these days.


Among many growing kids, personalization as a theme for their birthday bash is a welcome idea. This is because it gives them the opportunity to express their individuality and sense of identity in a merry, memorable way.


Suggestions include an edible photo cake that features your child’s most adorable pose, biscuits that are iced with his or her name, and custom-printed bags that contain the party favors.


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