8 Easy Classic Indoor Party Games for Kids

If you’re looking for kids’ party games, then you’ve come to the right place… 
As a host, you want your party to be a simple, yet fun and memorable occasion. But entertaining kids of invitees indoors can get a little tricky. Keeping them occupied and engaged requires some awesomely fun and exciting indoor games and activities. If all the kids are entertained, connected, and laughing, you’re party’s sure to be a hit! 

The best party games are often the simplest ones. And while styles have changed over time, many of the classics are still a ton of fun. But before we get started, to ensure that nobody feels left out, here are some tips you may want to consider when choosing your games: 

Select games that can be played by all the children; don’t do anything that might isolate certain kids for whatever reason. 
When you have a themed party, don’t be afraid to go beyond your theme a little when choosing a game. Especially if that activity could be a lot of fun.

Picks games with few rules. Trying to explain a bunch of rules to a group of hyper kids is a recipe for a headache. 
Keep your games short and easy. Don’t drag them on for too long or you’ll lose your audience.
Avoid choosing gender-specific games. For example, ‘princess dress-up, etc.

Plan well and prepare ahead. Handling a lot of children can be a challenge. So, plan how each game should go in advance to avoid chaos.

With little prep work, the following 8 games are sure to entertain: 


1. Pass the Parcel

Children will love this game because whoever wins gets a gift! 

So, buy presents that all the kids at the party will like, such as chocolate or a pop-it. Then wrap the gift in multiple layers (More than 30) of wrapping paper. Have the children sit in a circle and give them the gift. They’ll each take turns unwrapping 1 layer of the paper. So, whoever takes off the last layer wins the present in the end!

2. Duck, Duck, Goose

This game involves running, so it keeps children very active at parties. Have the kids sit in a circle on the floor facing in. One chosen child (player #1 = seeker) then walks slowly behind the circle clockwise touching (gently) everyone in turn on the head saying “duck” with each pat. 
Once that kid pats someone’s head and says “goose” instead, that kid (player #2) must then get up and run counter-clockwise around the circle. If player 1 runs to that second kid’s spot and sits down first, that player #1 no longer remains a seeker. But if player #2 sits down in their original spot first, player #1 must remain seeker, and the game goes on!

3. Charades

Charades is an easy and fun DIY game. Simply write down different things, such as animals, television shows or movies, activities, or famous people, on little pieces of paper. Next, divide the children into 2 teams. The teams will take turns picking 1 piece of paper randomly. One kid from the first team will read the words on the paper to him/herself (very important the rest of his/her team cannot know what’s on the paper) and try to act out accordingly without talking. Each team will have to guess what their team player is doing before the timer runs out. The first team to 5 correct guesses wins. 


4. What’s in the Bowl?

To arrange this game, you will need to have a collection of small objects from around the house. For example crayons, coins, a pen lid, marble pieces, goldfish crackers, toothpaste cap, whatever you got. Throw these items into a big bowl or tub full of rice of beans or similar. 

Now, each kid takes a turn, blindfolded, to rummage through the bowl, guessing as many items as possible in the allotted time (keep it to 30-60 seconds per turn). Try to keep the other kids out of sight and sound so they don’t cheat Award the winner who guesses the most with a little treat. 

5. Stomp the Balloons

Stomp the balloons is a great indoor game for exhausting as well as entertaining kids. It does get loud with balloons popping and you will need to blow a lot of them up so be prepared. Ideally 4 ballons per participant. 

What you need to do, is using approx. 30-50cm of string, tie 2 ballons to each of the participant’s legs as if they were dragging a ball and chain. Do not use helium that will make the balloons rise; they should drag on the floor. 

This becomes a last-person-standing game in which players run around the room trying to burst everybody else’s balloons by stomping on them. The winner will be the only kid with an unpopped balloon(s) left.  If you have a lot of kids in a small space, this game can be divided into multiple groups, such as Group A, B, C, and D. Have fun! 

6. Pass the balloon

You’re likely already going to have a bunch of balloons at your party right? If so, rather than simply have them as decoration, use one to play this one…

…have the kids form a line. The first child places a (not too big) balloon under their chin and holds it there without using their hands. S/he must then pass that balloon to the next kid in line, so they hold the balloon under their chin, all with no hands from anyone (you can let them use their arms/elbows to make it easier…but no hands). Once they move the balloon all the way down the line and back, everyone gets awarded a little something! 

7. Musical chairs

Another classic, but what’s great about these is that most of the kids already know the rules, so it’s easy to get started. 

Simply set up a number of chairs in a circle facing out. There should be one less chair than there are participants (so if 6 kids are playing, set up 5 chairs). 

Now start playing some music. Hint: play hip songs the kids will like to make it more fun. While the music is playing, the kids must walk, or even better, dance, around the chairs. 

Have a designated adult pause the music at their discretion. As soon as the music stops, each kid must hurry to sit down on one of the chairs. As there is one chair too little, one kid will be left standing. That kid is out. After each time a kid is out, remove one more chair so that there is always one chair less than the number of kids. Start the music again and repeat the process. The child to sit first when it’s down to one chair (and 2 kids) wins. 

8. Pin the tail on the donkey

You can get really creative with this one. It doesn’t have to be a tail on a donkey. It can be a nose on a rabbit, a horn on a unicorn or an emblem on a superhero. You can easily create your own with some cardboard and paper. It doesn’t have to be professionally drawn, kids will enjoy it all the same. Especially if it’s goofy, unique, or something they love. 

The object of the game is simple: each kid gets a turn blindfolded. On the wall, you will for example have a big picture of a donkey missing its tail. You will give the blindfolded kid a pretend tail (you can use a bunch of wool for example) with a pin – just make sure the kids know to be careful with the pin (or use tape to be safe). S/he will then have to try to pin the tail as accurately as possible on the donkey drawing. To make it more fun, have the whole group yell suggestions at the blindfolded participant. See who tries to help and who tries to sabotage them Once every kid goes, the closest tail guess will win. 

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