Best Family-Friendly Restaurants in Zürich

Zürich brims with dining places where parents and their kids—no matter how young—can enjoy delicious meals together.

Being known for its happy hustle and bustle, Zürich always has room for families with minor children that are looking to eat out and have a great time. Many of its restaurants cater to both grown-ups and kids, thus their play areas for the youngsters (kinder in German).

If you’re searching for a welcoming place where you and your little ones can have full meals or snacks, and then engage in leisurely activity, here are 7 of the best family-friendly restaurants in Zürich that are worth visiting:

#1- Dieci

Located in the city’s District 7 (or, officially, Kreis 7), Dieci just may be the perfect choice for a family outing. Not only is it a mere stone’s throw away from Zoo Zürich; it has a lot to offer on its own, too!

The kinder-friendly Italian restaurant prides itself on a charming indoor dining area, plus a garden with a patio for al fresco fun. It also has an outdoor playground with a tower slide, carousel, and other well-maintained equipment.

As for the menu, the young and the young at heart alike will love Dieci‘s delicious pizza and pasta preparations, not to mention the gelato.

#2- Santa Lucia

Speaking of Italian-themed dining rooms that welcome children with open arms, Santa Lucia is also a great place for family get-togethers outside of the home. It has a relaxed, casual ambiance, with indoor and outdoor areas for savoring hearty meals.

The restaurant is located at Wiediker Markt shopping center in the Kreis 3 district of Wiedikon. Its menu showcases almost two dozen kinds of crisp and scrumptious wood-fired pizzas and an impressive selection of mouth-watering pasta dishes.

A neat and nice play area at Santa Lucia awaits kids who want quiet amusement before and after doing their lunch or dinner.

#3- Brasserie Freilager

Brasserie Freilager in Kreis 9 serves diners of any age and appetite level. It offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare and is actually one of the Greater Zürich Area’s first sushi bars. Only organically farmed or ethically caught fish are used for its sushi.

The restaurant has indoor and outdoor play areas, with toys and even a small ping-pong table. It occasionally designates a for-kids-only space, where children are tended by highly trained Brasserie Freilager staff at mealtime while their parents are in the adjacent room dining, wining, and mingling with other grown-ups.

#4- The Waid

Nestled on the sun-kissed slopes of the Käferberg, The Waid (or “Die Waid”) is set to astound kids and their parents. It offers a commanding view of inner Zürich, the eponymous lake, and the Glarus Alps. Too, provides cozy interiors, so families can easily bond over a meal and create beautiful memories together.

The restaurant has two kitchens—Seasons and WOK—to satisfy diners seeking classic and contemporary cuisine, as well as seasonal fare. Children usually go for the carrot-mango soup, smoked salmon salad, and pork cordon bleu with French fries.

Kids dining at The Waid can spend time at the children’s corner where they can read books, play puzzles, and paint. They’re also free to use the playground outside.

#5- Fork & Bottle

Despite its adult-sounding name and gastro-pub feel, Fork & Bottle in Kreis 2 graciously accommodates kids. Its American theme whips up Stateside meals for diners of any age.

The restaurant offers farm-to-table culinary delights made with fine ingredients that are sourced locally at fair prices. The menu items that most kids want are fries, burgers, barbecued meats, and macaroni and cheese.

The Fork & Bottle has a spacious indoor kiddie corner with books, toys, and a chalkboard. Moreover, its lush and lovely grounds are a mini-wonderland featuring an animal enclosure. There’s a room with a changing table, so parents need not worry about putting fresh diapers on their tots.

#6- Kafi fürDich

A lively dining place in the Kreis 4 district of Aussersihl, Kafi fürDich has child seats, which reflect its kid-friendliness. It features European fare, including vegetarian and vegan options, and there’s Sunday brunch for the whole family.

Some of the little ones’ favorites here are the ravioli, paninis, and brownies. The homemade granola with Greek yoghurt and fruits is also a popular item on the menu. If the young diners aren’t all that hungry, the staff will prepare smaller portions at a discount. In any case, they’re given syrup for free.

The café has a children’s corner filled with toys and books, not to mention a big blackboard that kids can scribble, doodle, and draw on. Its restroom has an area for nappy changes. The doors of Kafi fürDich are open to pets, by the way, so your precious canines or felines can gleefully tag along.

#7- Hiltl

Sitting in the heart of the city, in the Kreis 1 district of Altstadt, Hiltl (otherwise known as “Haus Hiltl”) is yet another restaurant that helps bring hale, hearty, and happy family moments. But what sets it apart from the rest of the child-friendly dining places in the area is its Guinness World Records recognition as Planet Earth’s oldest, longest-running vegetarian restaurant.

Hiltl has been around since 1898, and it has never ceased to wow diners with its vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine that’s as nifty as it is nourishing. The menu consists of dozens of delicacies from around the world. Falafels, samosas, spring rolls, blondies, brownies, and blackies are only some of the kids’ favorites.

The dishes are properly labeled, so guests with food intolerances and allergies can avoid eating dishes with ingredients that might have an adverse effect on their body.

To ensure the whole family’s convenience and enjoyment, Hiltl provides a breastfeeding area, as well as a play area with lots of activities. Pets can come here, and they will be served well.


If you’re planning a family outing with some of Zürich’s best child-friendly restaurants in mind, here are things to remember:

#1- Book at least a week ahead to secure a table. Popular dining places will likely be packed with guests when you arrive, so it’s best to make a confirmed reservation by phone or online.

#2- Call the restaurant and ask about the current health protocols and safety guidelines. Even with a reservation, you and your kids could be turned away if you, for example, didn’t show the required COVID-Zertifikat (vaccination-status certificate) to the staff.

#3- If your little ones are infants or toddlers, ask what the restaurant will provide for them. Is there a diaper-change area in the restroom? Are high chairs available? Would it be cumbersome to bring a stroller?

#4- If your kids have allergies to certain ingredients, such as peanuts and strawberries, ask if the staff can identify the menu items that do (or don’t) contain these potentially life-threatening food components.

#5- Make sure that the getting-there part is hassle-free. If you’re going by car, check if there’s guest parking. If you’re taking public transportation, see to it that the stops are close enough to the restaurant.

So, with everything ready, En Guete! Have a good meal.

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