Children’s Parties: 7 Trending Birthday Themes 2022

Year 2022 is a time of hope and good wishes, and it’s also when fun and fascinating ideas for children’s parties become a reality.

If you’re a mom or a dad planning your little darling’s party but have no idea what’s “in” in kiddie celebrations these days, here are 7 of the trending birthday themes for 2022:

#1- Underwater

A mythical under-the-sea setting is a popular party-theme choice. It offers a refreshing break from the unpleasant real-world experience that everyone felt in the wake of the global health crisis.

Ideas for a splashing celebration include fish and seaweed silhouettes on the invitations, blue jelly topped with gummy octopus or seahorse for dessert, and blue and white balloons as party favors.

#2- Beach

A beach atmosphere gives the feeling of freedom, and it’s awash in opportunities to keep the children entertained.

Ideas for the party include lifesaver-shaped invitations, starfish and seashell cookies, a seascape backdrop, and a beach ball piñata. A fitting activity is a sand art session.

#3- The Woods, Forest, or Garden

A lush and lovely scenery is something that appeals to a lot of kids these days. This must be because they’ve grown to appreciate Mother Nature and her leafy treasures more, particularly during the past couple of years that were marked by lockdowns. Many children have even cultivated their green thumbs, growing plants with tender loving care.

Some ideas for a nature-themed birthday bash are invitations with leaf prints, paper plates with tree images, and hanging decorations with bird and butterfly cutouts. For dessert, why not offer food-grade flower pots filled with rich chocolate cake that’s topped with Oreo-crumb dirt, real mint foliage, and colorful sugar blooms?

#4- Safari or Zoo

Children generally love animals, and they will be floored to be part of festivities with images of animals in their midst.

Some ideas for a party in safari or zoo mode are elephant and giraffe drawings on the invitation, tiger and lion pictures on the backdrop, and zebra stripes on the plates and cups. For the kids’ activity, provide coloring sheets with outlines of hippos, gorillas, and other wild animals. Give the crayons they use as party favors.

#5- Ranch, Farm, or Barnyard

A ranch, farm, or barnyard theme is actually a constant choice, not a simple passing fancy. Sometimes, kids want to be awesome cowboys and amazing cowgirls on horses. Other times, they want to be fantastic farmers raising animals in the countryside. But what your child picks, of course, prevails.

A few ideas: invitations, décor, and tableware with animals, such as horses, cows, pigs, goats, and chickens. For the surroundings, try installing cardboard fences that depict a ranch, farm, or barnyard.

#6- Carnival or Circus

A carnival or circus setting gives a festive feel, and it’s loaded with opportunities to amuse the young partygoers.

A few party ideas that capture the revelry on the fairgrounds: carousel invitations, merry-go-round buntings, and clown party hats. For the “Happy Birthday!” backdrop, why not a circus tent that has colorful pennants flying in the wind?

#7- Concert

Concert-themed kiddie parties are growing popular by the day, most likely because these wake up the rockstar in every child who’s part of the musical merrymaking.

Some ideas for a celebration that feels like a concert: invitations with an image of a microphone and decorations showing a musical staff with clefs and notes. Ask your child if he or she would like a cake that’s shaped and colored like a drum, then topped with edible musical instruments, such as a guitar, piano, and trombone.

For the kids’ activity, improvise a stage where the youngsters can have karaoke fun and where they can share their singing and dancing talents with friends.

#8- Castle

A kiddie party with a make-believe castle is always “in”—a well-loved trend that offers partygoers an escape to the fairy-tale lands that they see in books and movies.

Ideas for a storybook celebration include invitations with silhouettes of joyful jesters and party hats decked like the crowns of princes and princesses. For that majestic and magical touch, place a large cutout of an enchanted castle that features turrets and a flag-adorned central tower.

#9- Space

Many children want to reach the stars, and what better way to make them live their dream—even for just a few hours—than by throwing a party in outer space?

Ideas include sparkling invitations with pictures of planets and comets, glittery buntings that reflect a million asteroids, party hats shaped like astronaut helmets, and cupcakes topped with edible rocket ships. Consider alien boppers and UFO-shaped cookies as party favors.

For the “Thank You!” notes, have your birthday boy or birthday girl draw images of the beaming Moon and the smiling Sun.

An Important Reminder

While we’re all seeing light at the end of the tunnel, the pandemic isn’t officially over yet. This is why we shouldn’t forget to put health and safety measures in place.

Here are things to remember when hosting your child’s birthday party:

#1- Plan this special occasion with physical-distancing practices in mind. Think of activities that will limit contact among the youngsters and their guardians.

#2- Make sure that the venue has a clean sink and an adequate amount of soap for washing the hands.

#3- Place enough sanitizers in strategic parts of the party room, and remind everyone to use these every so often.

#4- If your child must have a big cake to cut and share with the guests, have a separate cupcake to put the ceremonial candle in. Most of us have learned by now that exhaled breath and expelled saliva droplets can carry the dreaded COVID-19 virus. This means that blowing the birthday flame off the big cake may no longer be a welcome tradition.

#5- Even amid uncertain times, have fun! It’s the year of hope and good wishes, after all.

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