Fun Family Picnics: where to go around Zurich

After cold winters, sunshine is a welcome treat. Especially in Zurich. Scenic views, family-friendly fun, and mouthwatering food call for an epic family day out. In Zurich, a day like this doesn’t take much planning. A simple stroll down Augustinergasse is enough to make your day.

But with kids, you must plan out the details, and we can suggest some gorgeous spots you can go to.

Rieter Park

This is Zurich’s Largest Park and is known for its rich heritage. The 19th-century glamour and architecture still evident in its vicinity, Reiter Park is the perfect spot for families.

The Reiter Park Museum also does some gorgeous picnic baskets on pre-order. Just place and call, and you even have to prepare afternoon snacks. It’s the right place for families with children.

You can take them to the museum for a learning experience or enjoy a view of the Alps on a clear day.

Botanical garden

This is a spring season wonder and just as beautiful in gloomy weather. This place encapsulates the essence of the Mediterranean tropics rather well.

This is a faraway destination, so you might want to wait till your munchkins are teenagers to enjoy its scenic views.

Klopstockwiese Park

This is one park you must visit with your kids. This historic location is relatively accessible with a bus stop next to it. The Yalda in Sihlcity right next to it has some glorious food options if you aren’t in the mood to make your basket.

Allmend Park

This is a sizeable outdoor escape for those living the city life. Children can enjoy the warm sun and the glorious views, and the loop walk makes it accessible for strollers and bicycles.

This is a fun place with a river view and a gorgeous trail that welcomes many cycling fanatics. Curate a fun picnic brunch and enjoy the pretty flowers adorn the sidewalks. This peaceful park is close to the freeway, so you don’t have to arrange transportation to enjoy a day out.

Anlage Unterer Mönchhhof

This quaint little place is ideal for a quiet picnic by the lake. It is a bit outside of Zurich but quite accessible. If you are not in the mood for an elaborate picnic preparation, you can order from one of the eateries.

The truffle fries are to die for and are usually a favorite among children and grown-ups.


This charming lakeside picnic spot is a top-rated tourist attraction in Zurich. The scenic views are perfect for a photo shoot.

Tauchplatz, kleiner Parkplatz

If you are looking for a less crowded spot on the weekend, this is it. The beautiful lakeside view is perfect for a clear weather day.

Since there are no food spots nearby, you may want to cook up a feast for your family for a quiet evening outdoors.

Werdinsel Zurich

This is a popular recreational park and bath. As a protected island, this lakeside picnic spot has much to offer in terms of family fun.

As a public bath, this is perfect for families looking for an adrenaline rush on a fun day. Bus lines 80 and 89 are public transportation options to reach here.

Besides being a serene space for anyone who loves the water, this is a historically significant site. From a historical standpoint, the watermill of Wettingten Abbey is a prized location for Zurich.


This location boasts a charming baroque garden that stands out among similar places in Zurich. The intricate architecture and the well-manicured garden attract visitors from around the globe. For families, it makes the perfect picnic spot. Not only is nature an essential element of the venue but the graffiti by Harald Nageli.


The larger-than-life Villa Patumbah offers an interactive view of the construction culture of Zurich. The villa’s second floor houses an Asian temple that draws crowds to this wondrous place.

You can also book a theatre tour if you enjoy the genre or if your children want to know stories close to the history of the land.

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