Fun Summer Venues: Zoo Zurich, Tier Park Goldau, WildnisPark Zurich, Kinderzoo Rapperswil

Summers bring sunlight and excitement. But also plenty of time off school for the young ones. Luckily Zurich has an abundance of great venues to keep families entertained. Here’s a look at 4 of our favorites we hope you’ll love just as much…

1. Zoo Zurich

This is one zoo you cannot miss. The rich history of this place alone makes it one of the best zoos in all of Europe, and that is something. This wonderful place houses about 2200 types of animal life and specimens.

As a Member of WAZA and EAZA, this Zoo maintains extreme standards of care and visitor facilitation. The Masoala Hall and the Asian Elephant are set inside a large dome. Visitors can see these Elephants from a space underwater. Also, there is a penguin parade you can go to during the winters.

Another attraction that just calls your name is the Galapagos Tortoises. It is the first Institute in Europe to successfully breed these exquisite creatures. Fun for children (and grown-ups) of all ages.

2. TierPark Goldau

This is a scientifically managed zoo! If this isn’t enough to get your children riled up for a visit, there’s more. It is located at the sight of the 1806 Goldau Landslide. The Seeka and fallow deer are one of this Parks primary attractions. Visitors can interact with mouflons, Endemic fauna, and so much more.

This park is a part of the European Endangered Species program. Therefore, you can find preserved wildlife here too. The best part of the tour is the school inside the park. Tour guides conduct workshops that include guided tours and extensive discussion on the origin and preservation of the park

There is also an international species program for bearded vultures. All in all, this park is a treasure of diverse fauna and exceptionally rare animals.

This is the place to go when you want to satisfy the curiosity in your children and the child in you.

3. Wildnis Park Zurich

Serene. The first word that will cross your mind when you visit this marvel of nature. The views are calming, the wildlife inviting, and picnic spots abundant. This is a parent’s dream come to life.

This is a unique space in terms of a combined experience. There is a mix and match of riverscapes, wilderness, and the forest. This park also hosts a forest winter trail, and during the summers, there is an abundance of activities.

There is a gorgeous restaurant nestled away in this nook of Zurich. Food with a view is enough to bring people crawling from Zug and Zurich to this phenomenal place.

Before you book a day here, visit their website to get an idea of the upcoming events and then make some plans.

4. KinderZoo Rapperswil

This is where you get to know the animals personally. There’s Sandry, the Asian elephant cow who was born in 1999. Besides her, there are several other animals you want to get to know.

Apart from the resident animals, there are many other attractions for families visiting during the summer. The stunning architecture leaves visitors in awe of the sheer craft against a backdrop of stunning greenery.

The Knies Zauberhut is the perfect location for celebrations, events, and corporate events. Not that you would want to engage in anything corporate, but if you are planning a summer retreat, this is the right place for you.

Bonus Tips for Summer Fun in Zurich

Apart from the places mentioned above, there’s a lot more you can do with kids and your entire family during the summers. For one, there are several themed trails that invite families for fun-filled afternoons engaging activities, and the perfect picnics. Plus lots of pools and waterparks.

There are also various restaurants present in popular tourist venues that lead to gorgeous scenery, calming rivers, and the best photo spots in town.

Following are bonus activities you can jot down to plan your summer ventures in Zurich.

Visit Hilt Im Strandbad Mythenquai

The food here is delicious, healthy, and the best in town. People are lining up with their families to enjoy these delights.

Pedalos On Zurich Lake

This is a fun-filled lake activity that you can enjoy with family and friends. The boat is user-friendly, and you can enjoy your day on the lake rather than admiring it from afar.

Fischer’s Fritz

this is the perfect summer spot. A gorgeous Bistro by the shore, the food here is warm, delicious, and perfect for a summer’s day.

Dolder Sports

The Public pool and mini-golf are one-of-a-kind attractions that elevate your summer experience in Zurich.

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