Hikes for Kids Around Zurich

Hikes are fun and engaging and make for the best photo album you’ll have on your phone. But not all hiking trails are created equal, especially if you have kids. Fortunately, Zurich has a lot to offer in this regard.

Several hiking trails are designed for families with kids. These locations are accessible and easy to reach by car or train. This makes commutes with family and even toddlers relatively easy. If you are searching for the right place to book a hike for your family, read on


Also known as the Wild Man theme trail, this is a location made for kids. They have fun, engaging activities along the path that keep the children on their toes. The puzzle theme runs across the trail, and you must complete it by the time you reach the end. There is a playground and a ropes course for those energetic little ones.

This theme trail has much to offer for entertainment and family fun.


This is known as the Magic Forest and certainly stays true to its acquired name. The playground with trampolines is a children’s favorite, and the dwarf theme certainly plays into the world of magic and fantasies.

There are about eight engaging activities for children, and there is a water-play area for those who enjoy a fun splash. If you want to enjoy a whole day of non-stop fun, this is your place.

Comic Trail Uetliberg

A puzzle hike, this trail keeps children engaged the entire loop. There are about 11 puzzles to solve, each engaging yet not too difficult. The panoramic views are also quite an attraction for families. The green shaded spots along the trail make for some gorgeous picnic spots.

You can plan a picnic and a hike all in one on this trail.

Illgau Chaferliweg

The theme of this gorgeous hike is the ladybug. Also known as the ladybug trail, this fun place features painted ladybugs that guide the way. The paintings are pasted along the forest trail and the alpine fields.

There are two playgrounds on the premises that give children the opportunity to enjoy their day out. You can also enjoy a fun BBQ or a picnic on this trail as there is a separate space for it.

The Elm Trail

Also known as the Giant Forest, this is another themed trail for children. Located in the Swiss Alps, this is a scenic experience for families who want to see nature up close. This is known for its exceptional 4KM scooter run that goes down the inclination of the mountain.

This is a happening trail that has more than 12 engaging activities for children of all ages. A Giant Xylophone is one of the major attractions on this trail. There is also a suspension bridge and an obstacle course that works quite well for families with teenagers.

You can also enjoy a quiet picnic under the shade of trees during the day. Book this spot if you have a fun family day out.

Heidi Theme

Another theme trail at Pizol, is the perfect spot for toddlers and those under the age of ten. Of course, older children can also enjoy walking on the barefoot path or for a few hours at the playground.

This trail is located against the gorgeous mountain views Zurich has to offer. If you are looking to make some memories, this is the spot for you.

Toggenburg Tone

Got a newborn? This is the perfect trail for your family. This scenic location features a stroller-friendly trail along a path that has over twelve musical instruments.

Children find this location extremely engaging, and each instrument is accessible to children. You are sure to make some noise and have some fun along the trail on this one.

Engelstock Loop

This is a mountain trail. Ideal for families with even toddlers and children in strollers, the views here are out of this world. The huge play area at the end of the trail, the trampoline, and the summer toboggan are the main attractions here. There is a bouncy castle here too.

 Mt. Rigi Panorama Trail & Cliff Walk

this trail has the complete family experience you want on the hike. There are gorgeous panoramic views of Zurich, a stroller-friendly trail, exceptional dining choices, and a picnic area for families. There is also a cliff walk if you are up for it.

The playground and the wide gravel path make it an easy stroll for the entirety of the hike. This is a fun mountain trail for anyone with young or growing children.

Stoos Fronalpstock

Often referred to as the ‘easy trail’ this one has a lot to offer especially if you want to visit with the whole family. This is a short loop that goes around the cliffs near Lake Lucerne. It is accessible by the steepest funicular on the globe and makes for a fun day trip for families with children.

Frick Sensory Trail

This is a treat for the sense. This forest trail features 8 interactive activities along the path that is focused on the five senses. The lush valley around this 3.5km trail makes for the perfect backdrop if you are looking to take some memorable pictures.

This also has some fun spots for a picnic with the family, and the entire loop is accessible by strollers.

Zurich Family Hike: Elefantenbach Ravin

Breathtaking – One word that comes to mind is the moment you lay eyes on the glistening ravine and the location around it. There is an elephant statue in the middle of the stream that spouts water from its trunk. For a calming hike and a picnic at the fire pit, this is the place to be.

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