How to Keep Adults Entertained at Kids’ Parties

Small talk – it only goes so far. Most adults that show up at a kids’ party are there for the children. They usually don’t know each other, and while the kids might be having the time of their lives…the adults are just…getting bored. Luckily, if you are the one throwing the party, then here are a few things you can do about that…

The Grown Up Corner

The problem with kid’s parties is that they are for kids. This means there is hardly any space for the adults. Browsing through some old birthday footage, you’ll see one adult squeezed on a child’s stool while another tries to find a place to set their plate down.

Make sure there is enough adult seating. Designate a separate area on the premises for the grownups. Make sure the kids’ area is within sight to give the parents ease to peek in whenever needed. This is where people can get to know each other, strike up conversations and enjoy something other than the noise.

The Food

Unless you know kids with a taste for caviar and artichoke dip, you’re liking to be serving mac n’ cheese, mini burgers, and pizza.

To keep things fun without going overboard, place grown-up food in the adults’ area. This can be anything from a charcuterie board to a sushi plate, bruschetta, and a chili crockpot. Hor dourves are another staple you can add to the mix.

You can also set up DIY stations to give them a chance to make their own sandwiches. Set up some vegan, some pescatarian, and some omnivores options to make sure everyone has something they like.

Let There Be Alchohol

While we’re not encouraging an open bar at a kids’ event, you can certainly offer a few drinks to the adults attending the event.

Traditionally white wine is served in many swiss social gatherings. You can add this to the adults’ food section. Beer festivals in Switzerland are aslo staple of the local culture. Some new, local beers can loosen the tongue while also making for a good conversation starter.

The Playlist

If toddlers are involved, there is bound to be some baby shark. But since anyone associated with a toddler is done with it, you might have to add some suitable music to the list. You can play these once the cake cutting ceremony or the main event is over.

Add some fun dance mixes from Dua Lipa, Beyonce, or even BTS to the playlist to keep all your guests entertained. You can also take some requests to play some of the attendees’ favorites. This is a fun interactive way to keep everyone involved.

They Need Activities

Kids’ parties are a ton of work. Keeping the plates flowing, the drinks full, and running behind that one kid who keeps knocking things over, is hectic. All you need to do is gather a few of the attendees and delegate! Odds are most of them are happy to help. Make sure you can discuss exactly what needs to be done and how before roping the attendees in for the job.

Sitters/Entertainers Can Help

For adults to truly enjoy themselves, they may need help with the little ones. Using sitters or entertainers not only creates fun for the kids, but allows the parents a bit of breathing room.

all guardians and parents can actually spend some time interacting and enjoying.

Your sitter can help with the kids, make them pose for the picture, and make sure there are no spills, tantrums, and everything else that comes with being at a kids’ party. They can also keep an eye on the bouncy castle, make sure everyone is fed, and that tiny faces are painted to perfection.

Keep It Short

Kids’ parties should last for a few hours tops. Perhaps a few close friends can hang back afterwards to play with the birthday child, but for most parents, that should be enough.

Customize Goody Bags

Depending on your budget, you can certainly add some treats for the adults in the goodie bags or offer them their own. Nice chocolates for example are usually welcome.

Partying In Zurich

Zurich has some amazing parks, restaurants, and spots near the lakeside to throw an epic party. Outdoor events are often a hit with grown-ups. With exciting options on the silver coast to gorgeous parks on the gold coast, you have quite a few options.

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