Indoor Winter Party Ideas for Kids

Winter may be harsh sometimes, but it shouldn’t stop kids from holding indoor parties to mark life milestones with family and friends.

If you’re a parent planning an indoor celebration for your precious little one during the super-cold season, but you don’t know what fun activities to offer, here are 9 ideas to consider:

#1- A Visit to Winter Wonderland

What better way to make your child’s party memorable amid freezing temperatures than by holding it at an indoor winter wonderland that’s cozy and comfortable?

There should be such venues available in large cities, particularly at shopping centers or malls that have lots of space for winter-themed wonders. But if there are none near your home, don’t lose heart. Look for event halls that you can transform into a magical land of twinkling lights, cotton-candy snow patches, peppermint flowers, gingerbread birds, and chocolate falls.

#2- A Visit to an Enclosed Skating Rink

Have your child and the guests glide in gladness on the ice, in an enclosed rink. Throwing a party here will be cool beans for kids, be they seasoned skaters or first-timers. It would be great if you could hire a qualified trainer to help awaken the participants’ inner winter Olympian.

For snacks, treat the children to food and drinks from the bar, should there be no private room available for holding an onsite private party.

#3- A Visit to the Bowling Alley

Bowl the kids over with a party that features pins, balls, lanes, and lots of striking joy.

Bowling alleys that accommodate kids promise a lot of excitement for both the host and the guests. Some of these venues have party packages that include the cake, decorations, and shoe rentals, which means less hassle for you.

#4- A Dip in the Indoor Heated Pool

If a splashing summer adventure is your little one’s winter party fantasy, so be it! Book an indoor heated swimming pool in your area. Have your child and the guests come in swimsuits under their thick cold-weather clothes and get them ready for water games.

Remember, however, that not all indoor swimming facilities have party spaces and that only a few allow food and drinks in the pool area. If you have a venue in mind, call the staff and ask about their policy.

#5- A Trip to the Cinema

If it’s a relatively quiet winter party you want for your child, try arranging a trip to the cinema that’s showing a kid-friendly film. Treat everyone to freshly popped corn and refreshing drinks, so they can have the best viewing experience ever.

As for the after-movie festivities, move the party to the nearest bakery. It’s where your child can blow the celebration candle, cut the cake, open gifts, and discuss the film with friends over a steaming cup of cocoa.

#6- A Trip to the Karaoke Bar

For a crazy winter party indoors, host your child’s party at one of the most kiddie karaoke bars in town. Here, the little ones can make merry amid the music—and show off their rockstar moves!

Karaoke bars for youngsters may have party packages for your convenience, so take advantage of these. If there are no bars around, feel free to open your home to karaoke revelry.

#7- A Scavenger Hunt

A winter scavenger hunt is an excellent way to stir the kids up at indoor children’s parties without you having to stress over organizing one. All it takes is a bit of ingeniousness and a lot of creativity on your part, particularly on what things to look for, where to hide these, and what to give as prizes.

Scavenger hunts are not limited to tangible, three-dimensional objects, by the way. These can also be pictures, words, or letters of the alphabet. If you’re a clueless host seeking ideas for this type of activity, try scavenge-hunting for inspiration and templates on the World Wide Web.

#8- A Learning Party

Let the kids show their creative and ingenious side by having them gather for a drawing or painting, arts and crafts, cookie- or cupcake-decorating, or building-with-blocks session.

There are establishments in big cities that are designed for such youngster activities, and their party packages usually include the materials and snacks for the participants.

Should you want to host a learning party at home or in an event room, just do your own shopping. Scout for inexpensive yet child-safe supplies at nearby stores or buy these online. Don’t forget to order the festive décor, tableware, food and drinks, and goodie bags that will make the party, well, a party.

#9- A Slumber Party

Slumber parties or pajama parties at your house are cool, especially in winter when you get to keep the indoors snug and toasty warm.

Should you go the slumber route, keep in mind that you are likely to have more tasks than simply setting up a table for when your child blows the candle and cuts the cake. Apart from having to prepare dinner, late-night snacks, and the following day’s breakfast (or lunch even), you’re bound to think of ways to amuse the children until they’ve gone out like a light.

Some fun sleepover activities are creating and baking pizzas, making unique-flavored popcorn, watching a scary movie, playing a board game, engaging in a pillow fight, jazzing up t-shirts or bags, and camping in the bedroom. Slurping hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles on a cold winter’s night just may be the best way to call it a day.

A Few Reminders

No matter what type of indoor kiddie party you decide on, see to it that:

#1- Your tasks are listed down and well-organized. Cross out the ones you’ve accomplished, so you won’t think that you still have a lot to do when you’ve already done much of the work. Doing so prevents you from feeling overwhelmed and will eliminate unnecessary worrying.

#2- The venue is prepared enough to keep everyone entertained and safe. Check the current health guidelines in your area and plan around these.

#3- Guests with an allergy or intolerance to certain food ingredients, or those with special non-dietary needs (like wheelchair accessibility), have been taken into consideration. Adjust your plans accordingly, so you can make them feel comfortable at the party.

#4- All guests have a means of transportation to and from the venue. Not all of them may have a car, so it would be nice to arrange for their ride.

#5- Your child will send a note of thanks to the people who have taken the time to celebrate this special winter occasion.

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