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It’s like reliving those glorious childhood days. Worry-free as you browse through isles of “everything you can imagine,” thinking the toy store is a world in itself.

For a moment, parents forget that they are supposed to buy that one toy their child loves or that there is an age or a budgetary limit. As fun as that is, you have things to do and places to be. To cut down on the time it takes to find the right gift, we have compiled an age-based list you can consider…

For Children Between 0-2 years old

Age-appropriate toys are made for the mind and body of a developing child. From ages 0-2 the goal is to stimulate the brain and work on mind-body coordination.

Of course, for your child, at this age, the goal is to taste everything and the air. But as a parent, you are responsible for “introducing” new experiences to them.

At this age, they are getting acquainted with their motor skills. They are fascinated by cause and effect. Anything they can touch, feel, and notice is a tremendous experience for them.

As such, your choice of toys must reflect that. Here are a few ideas you can use to make a purchase.

Stacking Rings

Colorful, eye-catching, and engaging. These meet all necessary criteria. Infants who learn to sit are attracted to colors and will try moving the rings around.

Of course, they aren’t going to start stacking immediately but will learn as they grow.

Shape Sorters

No, it isn’t time to teach the little one about trapezoids, but the goal is to acquaint your child with all things intellectual, and this is the perfect toy for it.

Shape sorters will help your kid align motions with actions. As the shape fits into the designated shape, your child will be introduced to something new.

For Children 3 to 5:

Now your child has moved on from being fascinated by their motor skills. Their movements and play have a purpose. As such, they are likely to choose their toys. Yes, they will engage with anything you give them, but you will notice them playing favorites.

You must be quite informed about their choices at this point to find toys that will tickle their fascination. You can go for:

Ride-On and Tricycles

These are fantastic choices for children aged 3 and more. They will learn to coordinate their movements and take their toy in a certain direction.

Yes, there are bound to be some milk-related accidents, but it’s all part of the learning.


You’ve probably noticed the tiny human being fascinated by the moving wheels, the bright lights, and oh! The button. Cars, trucks, pretty much anything with wheels is bound to impress the little one.

One push of the button and the vehicle starts moving, making music, or the lights come on. This will keep your three-year-old busy, even if for some time.

For the 5-year-old, the toy should come apart, and then they can put it back together. If not, then you will probably find the truck busted open and your child trying to make a circuit of their own.

For Children 6 to 8

This is when they know what is what and are very choosy about their toys. They are also quite affected by the opinions of their peers.

They probably have a friend who has that one toy, and you cannot stop hearing about it. If so, then that is the toy you must buy. If not, then consider:

The Science Kit

Mothers rush to buy these. They are the perfect mix of fun and learning. Make sure to buy kits that are age-appropriate, don’t require anything too hard to find and have clear-to-read instructions on them.


You cannot go wrong with a Lego set. These are made for all ages and the booklets are easy to follow. You might have to make the toy the first time, but your 6, 7, or 8-year-old will catch up rather soon.

The best part is the variety these have to suit all tastes.

For Children 9-12

This is when choices get easier. They will tell you what they do and don’t want. They will also reject quite a few of your choices so brace yourself.

A 9-year-old is bound to be more interested in gratifying sports such as video games or even soccer games. Their requests will shift from a toy to new kicks for their game or a new gadget that their friends are into.

Still, if you need some pointers:

Sports Equipment

If they are into sports, then they might want some new gear. Go out to buy their favorite kicks, knee pads, and soccer uniforms. This way, you won’t get the side-eye when you don’t get the “ones they asked for”.

Gaming Equipment

You can encourage healthy gaming by providing your child with the right equipment. Make sure you are aware of their activities and understand what they choose to play before investing in this.

For Children 13-15

Ah! Tweens and then teens. Every parents’ tough challenge. This is when you must set some boundaries, understand what your child likes and then make the right choice.

Here’s is what you can get them:

Designer Bags

These can be an investment, and you can tell your child to be careful with them.


This is the age where the new iPhone is everything, but are also expensive. Perhaps new headphones, or a cool case can still work. Discuss your options with your child before you buy their favorite gadget.


BONUS: – while based in the USA, can be a good place for inspiration as well. You can search fo the best gifts for kids here:

You can see reviews, filter by price, age, rating, etc. A good source for inspiration even if ordering directly from there isn’t an option.

Your Local Toy Store – really stuck? Pop into your local toy store and ask the people working there what they recommend. They’re the experts. And don’t be shy to disclose your budget. Fun toys and gifts cdon’t have to be expensive!  

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