Playgrounds Around Lake Zurich

If you are a parent, you very well understand the importance of a Playground. And Zurich offers a treasure cove of wonderful grounds for the kids to run wild and enjoy their childhood. Here are our favorites…


This playground is made for “children and summer” if there is such a thing. You don’t have to go to a Badi (Public bath) instead, you can plan a day here and let the little ones splash around.

There is a shallow water play space that invites families to enjoy the cooling water. Your little ones are sure to enjoy some time with their floating toys here. The water feature isn’t all, there’s more.

It also has a gorgeous, shaded sandpit, a wooden play place, some fun slides, and a table tennis area that’s perfect for the entire family. You can also enjoy a game of soccer, a quiet picnic, and a run along the park.

This is also the perfect spot for a winter activity. The sledding hill here is small; therefore, this is the place to be if you are a mother!

GZ Bucheggplatz

Do you have teenagers and children who don’t seem to calm down? This is the place to be. There are three major slides here. Set at different heights, you can go at a speed that suits you best.

As parents, this is a luxury that everyone wants. You want to be sure of your child’s safety while letting them do as they wish. There’s a suspended rope bridge, a rock-climbing wall, and a bike park that works for children of all ages.

The warm, inviting grass sits perfectly in the shade, making for some relaxing picnic spots. This is a large park that lets you run free if slides aren’t your thing.

Also, there is a community center with various animals for those who enjoy feeding animals or a pony ride. There are llamas’ ponies, goats, and more you can feed and visit during the day. There’s a community café you can have a quiet meal after a day full of activities and fun.


Josefwiese offers a complete experience. This is a park for children, teenagers, and adults. Here you can find sand to sift through, enjoy a game in the playhouse, arrange a game of soccer or splash around in the water fountains.

There’s a kiosk you can enjoy a drink or BBQ some steaks in the public area. However, this is a busy spot during the summers, and you might want to get the first shot before it gets too crowded. You can also enjoy a fun ride afterward along the viaduct arches. Also, there’s a farmers’ market, public toilets, and a changing area for kids.

Quartiertreff Enge

If your son/daughter is inspired by the Spider-man and just wants to see if they can shoot webs, take them to Quartiereff Enge. This playground is filled with sand toys, game equipment, and bobby cars. This is the place you go to if you have a huge family or group of friends with several kids.

Energetic kids have the time of their life climbing wooden poles that are completely safe to climb. There are nets and ropes and whatnot. There is a complete range of programs your children can enroll in, and the entire family can enjoy some time at the community center.

For anyone who enjoys nature, the gardens close by are the perfect treat. The community café is also a fun spot for a delicious meal.

Sonnenberg Terrace

Sonnenberg terrace is a fun place to visit. Even though it is a smaller playground, it has the most gorgeous views from the ground. If you get a moment from monitoring your children, you might want to look around and take a few pictures with a great backdrop.

Not only does this playground have the best location, but you can make an adventure out of reaching there. You can ride the Dolderbahn cogwheel railway to this prestigious neighborhood in the heart of Zurich.

The way to this playground is a treat to behold. Make sure to take the scenery in on your way and take some memorable pictures too.

GZ WipKingen

If you are a local, then you are aware of this spot. It has all the activities you need to make a fun day out of your trip. Ropes, nets, climbing equipment, a water play area, and a pet farm!

This spot is loved by all, especially parents. As a highly engaging venue, this keeps the little ones engaged while you get some memorable pictures with the family.

This also has a community center with some excellent workshops, such as the Open Stable. Kids can learn more about the animals on the pet farm and how to clean and care for them.

There is a nice little picnic spot here too. Being next to the Limmat River makes it an ideal venue for a fun picnic with the family. You don’t have to worry about a thing, even if you have tiny ones on the team.

This playground has baby changing facilities, public toilets, and everything in between.

BONUS: for even more playgrounds check out this list on Google Maps 

Have fun! 

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