Ski Holiday Camps 2023 in and around Zürich

Wait…wasn’t it just Christmas Holiday? And now it’s already Ski Holiday? That’s a lot of Holidays no?!? In any case, we have researched the best, funnest (that’s not a real word), and constructive kids’ camps/activities around the Zurich area available during the 2023 Ski Holidays to keep your little angels busy. Grouped by categories we present to you…


X-LabsZurich, ages 7-12, 375-595 CHF

Camps are bilingual English-German. April 24-28 features “Forensic Sciences” while the week of May 1-5  highlights “Cool Chemistry”. Full day.


Creative YouThalwil, ages 6-12, 499 CHF

A week-long program of creative workshops including ceramic making, textiles, art and glass fusing to entertain and excite your kids. Drop off your child for a fun and educational week under the guidance of two creative teachers and allow them to explore their inner artist.

Close Encounters TheatreZurich, ages 10-15, 695 CHF

This exciting course will channel your child’s creativity and engage their imagination through employing a range of drama and movement activities. Stories will be used throughout the course as inspiration and to support students’ language development. The course will culminate in a showcase.

Allegra DesignMultiple locations, 490-590 CHF

Our fashion design camps take place as all-day holiday courses during the school holidays in the cantons of Aargau, Basel, Baselland, Ticino, Valais and Zurich.On the first day you design and draw your own outfit. In the next three days we will help you to create and customize this. As a highlight at the end of the week, you present your creation as part of a photo shoot and (if possible) at a fashion show for family & friends.



MS Sports Campsmultiple locations & ages/price options

Whether it’s football, horseback riding, dancing, tennis, chess, skiing, snowboarding, biking or polysport, at MS Sports the kids can expect a great experience with lots of new friends, exercise, fun and unforgettable days dedicated to sport.

Kinder-CampsWinterthur, Wadenswil, Thalwil, ages 6-13, 270+ CHF  

At the Polysport camps, children will learn about eight different sports, such as: martial arts, hip-hop, acrobatics, parkour, floorball, football, athletics and coordination. This wide range enables experiences that are crucial for the entire motor, social, cognitive and emotional development of the children



Logiscool Zürich Südmultiple locations, ages 7-14, 375+ CHF

Few Spots left. Logiscool offers many different camps on the most exciting topics in the digital world. They are constantly expanding the pool of themes and technologies so that everyone can find something cool. Qualified and dedicated trainers have given more than 90,000 students around the world new knowledge and great experiences.

Little ScientistsZurich, Zollikon, Wetzikon, ages 5-12, 250-450 CHF

Harry Potter Camps! The perfect balance between learning and playing. Campers will spend the day learning about STEM subjects but also playing exciting games, making science experiments and having fun with their camp mates.



AcademicusZurich, ages 5+, 765 CHF

Animals Edition! A full week of Learning about different Animals, Sports, Crafts, Fun & Creativity…in English. Guided activities are balanced by opportunities for the children to let out their energy in parks and playgrounds and in the Academicus Atelier. They activate bodies and minds – making sure the camp is a holistic experience!

Studio Quint, Thalwil, ages 4-9, 375 CHF

Dance Camp! Camp gives kids a chance to explore and try out different styles of dance. From Ballet & Tap to Hip Hop, Jazz, Musical Theater and more! Making crafts is another fun part of our daily activities for the week! Crafting Hosted By Krea-Box.



Checkout the Zurich Schools and Sports Department for a lot more camps here

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