Swimming Pools and Water Parks in Zurich

A complete exercise and fun! Swimming is one of the best activities yearround for kids and Zurich has incredible pools and water parks to welcome tourists and locals each year. Here is a list of our favorites around Zurich.

Swimming Pools in Zurich

Zurich Altstetten HallenBad

This is an indoor and outdoor wellness pool that allows children during certain hours of the day. For days when the weather isn’t being all that nice, this is the perfect place for you. The staff is extremely helpful and highly professional.

Therefore, a visit with the kids isn’t a hassle. They also have bouncy platforms that float around in the pool during certain hours on certain days of the week.

This pool is a part of the city network, and therefore you can get a summer pass for it. The parking here may be limited and metered, but you can find a few good spots nearby.

Schwimmbad Fohrbach ZolliKon

This pool has a stellar reputation, and rightfully so. Anyone with children in Zurich knows that this is the pool to be at. This location offers a complete experience.

With indoor waterslides, lap pools, kiddie splash areas, non-swimmer options, and an outdoor massage pool for adults, this is the place to be in the summer. This can be a crowded space, especially in terms of parking, but the management is quite well executed.

In summers, the outdoor pool welcomes many families and tourists for pool parties, swimming, and more.


Do you have toddlers? This is the pool for you. This is the place to start introducing your kids to the pool life. The kiddie splash pool is a fun experience for the little ones, and your slightly older kids can enjoy the non-swimmer pool with a bigger slide.

They also have swimming lessons for children. These lessons are conducted in the non-swimmer pool. Therefore, this pool is off-limits for visitors.

Schwimmendbad Lattich Baar

This is a fun recreational space to take your family to during winters or the summers. Besides housing a fully functional adult pool, this also has some engaging activities for the little ones.

There is a lazy river, a diving nook, and a designated splashy pool for the tiny ones. There is metered parking at this location too, but it can get quite full, especially during the summer holidays.

Water Parks in Zurich

Thermal Baths

This is a fun location for anyone who wants to enjoy a heated pool. Don’t let winters stop you from having the time of your life. Thermal baths are known for their warm and toasty pools that stay at a moderate temperature throughout.

This is rare for warm pools as most start to get cold as the day goes on. Thermal baths have the most accommodating sweat rooms that are laced with gorgeous scents. You can find some bubble beds, hot pools, cold swimming areas, and everything in between at this location.


This is a fun and relaxing experience. You can visit Alpamare for a fun, tranquil stay at one of the resorts while enjoying everything a water park has to offer.

This park houses some of the world’s most engaging slides for youngsters. While these slides are a teenager’s dream come true, there is a little something for tired adults too.

You can enjoy your day at the wellness area or lounge by the pools with a cocktail if you like. This place has a little something for anyone visiting.

Schwimmbad Ruti

Do you like swimming? This is the place to be. The 50m pool is ideal for long-distance swimmers. For those swimmers who haven’t gone pro yet, there is a shallow option too.

Since this is essentially a water park, you get the entire experience here too. There are water features, slides, play areas, and relaxing spaces for families too.

There is an integrated playground that features some of the most engaging activities around Zurich. The fireplaces around this area are ideal for a fun BBQ and grill session with the family.

One of its most defining features is the 5m diving tower. This is a well-known practice location for swimming enthusiasts who want to stay in form till they compete.

Schwimmbad Waldacher

Another one of Zurichs prized Water parks, Waldacher is known for its scenic location and enticing offers. It is a fun space for families, and a day at the pool during the summers makes for an entertaining summer trip.

Located at Volketswil this is quite close to Zurich and other locations. If you want to get away from the noise and still enjoy all the amenities of the city life this is the place to be.

Swimming Pools under Letten

This is a complete water park experience and is often known as Zurich’s answer to the beach. Want to swim, jump, dive? This space is made to give you one of the most memorable water park experiences there are.

This is a huge water park, therefore make sure to get details on all the exits and main areas before you start swimming upstream.

In a Nutshell

For anyone looking for water-based activities, Zurich has much to offer. You can also book indoor heated pools at hotels if you are visiting from abroad and staying at one of these luxurious locations.

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