Wanted: Sales Ambassadors


  • HipHipHub is an e-commerce marketplace that connects party suppliers with parents who want to organize kids’ parties.
  • We’re nearing launch and are ready to onboard amazing party suppliers
  • To do so, we’re looking for partners that can help introduce us to potential suppliers
  • In return we’re offering a variety of rewards including cash, credits and gifts

It’s so Nice to Meet you!

Hi, we’re HipHipHub AG, a new Zurich based startup with a simple goal: helping busy parents overcome the pains involved in creating amazing kids’ party. 

As you probably know well, throwing these parties can be a real struggle. There are supervillains abound including:  

  • Sadness – at a lack of inspiration.
  • Frustration – at not being able to find what you want.
  • Helplessness – knowing which suppliers can be relied upon.
  • Boredom – from the same, lame activities. 
  • Inadequacy – when trying to keep up with the Joneses.
  • Guilt – of not being able to meet your child’s wishes.

The stakes are high, as having a memorable birthday party is important: it can form lifelong bonds between children, it connects parents to their peers, and brings families, even communities closer. 

Luckily, parents can soon find their superpowers at HipHipHub.com: an incredibly easy to use digital marketplace that handles all their party desires in one convenient platform available 24/7 online.  

Using HipHipHub.com, our heroic parents gain access to a huge assortment of the best party supplies and suppliers. They quickly reserve the perfect location, activities, entertainment, food, cake, decorations, games, costumes and gifts, all in a stress-free, hassle-free rescue.

Take a video tour at: https://hiphiphub.com/

Be a Party Hero?

Join our team! As our technology is nearly complete, we’re now ready to onboard potential party suppliers. Our 3 co-founders, Sam, Roland and Nic are already approaching many themselves. But the more suppliers we have, the better the marketplace for all. Here’s where YOU…hopefully, come in!

We’re looking for parents (since they’re familiar with kids’ parties and the associated pains of organizing them) that can help us find the best suppliers in the Zurich area.  It’s easy (a piece of cake you could say…sorry for the bad pun :)) There’s no hard selling involved. Think of your favorite bakery, indoor playground, face painter, the juggler your kid loved at a friend’s party, a family photographer, a cake artist, or party shop, etc. Simply ask if they’d be interested in signing up and if they do, you’ll be compensated!


At HipHipHub, we’ll provide our suppliers with a ton of amazing benefits including

  • A professional Storefront
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Exposure
  • Multi-language capabilities
  • Cross and upselling opportunities
  • A powerful reputation
  • 24/7 sales machine
  • Incredible customer care
  • And much more…

It’s FREE for suppliers to sign-up at the moment. And there are no obligations. We only charge a commission (20%) when we generate them sales. They have nothing to lose, and lots to gain by simply trying us out.

At HipHipHub, suppliers gain a powerful online marketing machine, and parents a convenient tool for organizing great parties. While we get to build an amazing business and you get to reap the rewards. That’s a win-win-win-win!

Reap The Rewards

For every supplier that’s successfully activated on HipHipHub, which you referred, you’ll receive:

  1. 50 CHF Credit to use at HipHipHub yourself
  2. A Sales commission from that supplier for the first 6 months (cash) per this scale.
  • When the supplier you referred generates between 100 to 500 CHF in sales through HipHipHub, in a given month, you will be paid a 10% cash commissions
  • If 501-1000 CHF = 5% commissions
  • Over 1000 CHF = 2% commissions
    *Commissions cap at 10,000 CHF sales volume over 6 months

Plus, incentives! We’ll be offering fun rewards and prizes for our team members that perform well. For example, gift cards for spas or cafes. The idea is to make this an entertaining and gratifying group effort for all!

What You’ll Be Doing 

  • Getting to know HipHipHub well; how we can benefit suppliers and customers
  • Identifying potential suppliers within a defined area or similar
  • Introducing potential suppliers to HipHipHub
  • Understanding their needs and explaining how we can best help them
  • Maintaining positive communications and relations to maximize satisfaction 
  • Getting suppliers to register and activate their accounts
  • Communicating efficiently with us and other Sales Ambassadors to discuss any issues, progress, suggestions, etc. We’re a team and here to help one another!  
  • Tracking progress/communications with suppliers
  • Working from home, flexible schedule as you desire

What You’ll Need 

  • Positive, friendly attitude and approach
  • German language
  • Eagerness to help other parents and local businesses
  • Willingness to listen to suppliers and convey our value 
  • Phone, email, and chat communication skills
  • Basic computer and spreadsheet skills  
  • Inspired to get results
  • Resilience: some suppliers will say no for whatever reasons. Need to learn, move on and succeed elsewhere

Join a Budding Team

We’d love for you to join us on this amazing journey as a freelance Sales Ambassador. While we’re just getting ready to launch, HipHipHub has been in development of over 2 years now. We’ve poured in a lot of effort, sweat, and tears at times, building an amazing solution we soon hope will benefit parents in Switzerland and beyond! We sincerely believe this to be an incredible opportunity to join what should be a global brand in the not-too-distant future.

Contact us at Info@HipHipHub.com

Your partners in growth and success,

Samantha Pitchford, Roland Kurmann & Nicolas Gremion – HipHipHub AG

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